I'm easing my way back to my desk today by opening mail that came in during Christmas break. My favorite surprise of the day is this:

"Plush Jesus" image by Lisa M. Hendey "Plush Jesus" image by Lisa M. Hendey

Officially, per the listing at Loyola Press, this great product is "A Child’s Bible with a plush figure of Jesus the Teacher".

While the Jesus figure was designed especially for children with special needs, we also heard from parents and teachers stating that all children would benefit from these visual, moveable, and tactile ways of drawing closer to Jesus. Based on these requests, we began offering this figure to everyone so that any child could develop a closer relationship with Jesus.

Jesus figure is 12" tall and is for children ages 4+

Your Jesus figure comes with a beautifully illustrated 32-page booklet titled, A Child’s Bible. Vivid colorful illustrations present best-loved stories from the Scriptures and introduce children to key persons from the Old and New Testaments and stories from Jesus’ life on earth.

The children's bible in this set is 32 pages and contains 12 favorite Old and New Testament scripture stories written for children ages four to eight. Beautiful water color pictures accompany Sister Mary Kathleen Glavich's bible stories.

I can testify firsthand that this is one cuddly Jesus and that the book is a perfect tool for sharing favorite scripture stories with children of any age (including 51 year olds!)

Get yours here.

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