red gift boxIt is the Christmas season. Everything is in full swing. Lights are up! Shopping is frenzied. Cards are in the mail. Parties are planned and attended. Gifts are planned, purchased and wrapped. There is an abundance of food. And the celebration is seen everywhere from Christmas in the Park, to Christmas parades to office parties.

The boulevards are filled with cars, tinseled street lights and Christmas cookies crumbs are being swept up as quickly as they are eaten. It is a time when friends and family long separated by time and distance can come together again as the One who is responsible for this season looks on from above.   I wonder how He sees all this hustle and bustle.

In all this activity, is there a remembrance of Him? And not only that, but how has He been remembered and celebrated throughout the year? He came to save us and restore us to God. He came as one of us; a child who later grew into a man. He led by example in everything He did. He is the epitome of forgiveness. And love.

He brought his own gift. A gift all of us can have. It is a gift of life abundant and free and life everlasting. He came here with His gift. He shared his gift as He walked among us. When He died on the cross, His gift became complete as He brought to us salvation. His sacrifice brought us back into fellowship to our Father.

His gift is still here for the taking.

I pray that you and yours have received this gift of all gifts and are blessed with love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance not only throughout this season but throughout the rest of your days.


Copyright 2014  Linda Bennett