If you haven't heard of Catholic Answers, you should probably stop right now, head over to Catholic.com and check them out.

Catholic Answers is one of the largest sources for high-quality and orthodox Catholic information.  Boasting the largest Catholic forums on the internet, as well as some of the highest quality free and paid resources out there, this apostolate should be on every Catholic's bookmark list.

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In addition to their print, audio, and digital resources, Catholic Answers hosts a great radio show called Catholic Answers Live, which airs on EWTN radio and online Monday-Friday.  The best part about the radio show is that it is also made available as a podcast!  I listen to CA Live all week and learn something new nearly every episode.

This year, the folks at Catholic Answers have started producing a brand-new free podcast called Catholic Answers Focus.  Given my voracious appetite both for podcasts and for apologetical materials, I naturally subscribed to the new show the moment I knew it was live.  I have to say Catholic Answers has outdone themselves AGAIN.

Each episode of Catholic Answers Focus is a deep dive into a particular area of the Catholic faith or about topics which would be of direct interest to Catholics today.  Where Catholic Answers Live has a limited time frame in which to answer caller questions, Catholic Answers Focus talks one-on-one with multiple experts in the particular field being discussed.

The audio production quality is top-notch and the information is everything you would expect from a Catholic Answers service or product.  To be perfectly honest, this podcast is up to par with, if not exceeding the quality of some of the paid audio products I have gotten from Catholic Answers in the past, and I am not just saying that to toot their horn either!

Did I mention again that the show is FREE?

If you or anyone you know is looking for a great audio resource to learn more about their Catholic faith and other relevant topics, then Catholic Answers Focus is the show for you.  New episodes are to be released weekly and I can hardly wait to see what they will have next.

With a new year upon us, what is YOUR excuse for not getting to know your faith better?

Catholic Answers Focus can be found for free at http://www.catholic.com/focus.

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