Small Success Thursday

This week, we celebrate my daughter turning four years old. It doesn't feel like we've had her here that long. I went to my blog to reread about her birth because my brain refused to summon the memory, and I discovered why I still blog: it's to keep track of what happens so that I can look back and know.

So we're celebrating with purple cupcakes and potty training. She's not so thrilled about the later as the former, but we know she can do it. I'm also trying to help my junior in high school sign up for the SAT. She's not thrilled about starting the college search process but we know she can do it. The senior in college is applying for graduate programs. He's nervous about the process but we know he can do it. The 7th grader is in the midst of exams and afraid she'll do poorly. We've encouraged her to study because we know otherwise. I could go on, but the theme this week is, all that is required for something to get done, is for us to do it. Will it.

So this week's Small Successes are acts of the Will.

1) Finishing up some writing assignments that need to be finished.
2) Taking down the tree.
3) Going to the gym. (3 times this past week)

Much of parenting is getting kids to move out of their comfort zone, and much of parenting is also reminding one's self to not get too comfortable. We have to keep challenging ourselves and them. It's not easy. But somewhere along the way, we come to know that that the only way something happens is if we will it.

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