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Your Love Story - Image Courtesy of Couple to Couple League. Used with permission. Your Love Story - Image Courtesy of Couple to Couple League. Used with permission.

Cincinnati, December 15, 2014 – In a time when marriage is being attacked from all sides, one author encourages Catholics to go beyond merely defending traditional marriage to discover the evangelical power of Christian marriage.

"Particularly with the teachings of Pope St. John Paul II, the Church has a deeper understanding of marriage than ever before. Married couples living those teachings participate in the creative and salvific work of God and witness to the whole world the saving love of Jesus” said Deacon Bill Turrentine, author of the book “Your Love Story” – a short, inspirational catechesis for engaged and married couples on the true meaning of their tremendously important vocation.

Your Love Story” is a down-to-earth examination of the potential for grace that each Christian marriage has. Using contemporary testimonies from real couples who strive to live marriage fully in light of the gospel, the book offers digestible and relatable information that a young couple can use to give their marriage a solid start.

“Married couples are the salt of the earth, which preserves, protects and adds savor. The irrevocable love of married couples is a witness to the gospel amid all the demands of daily life,” noted Turrentine.

Turrentine’s work with Couple to Couple League, an international, Catholic non-profit organization dedicated to promoting natural family planning and other marriage formation, has spurred his passion for evangelizing young couples, so that they in turn can evangelize the whole world.

“In our work, we continually see how helpful and powerful it is to bring the Church’s message on marital love to young couples through the witness of married couples who are successfully living it out,” said Mike Manhart, Executive Director of the Couple to Couple League. “In a world where joyful, lifelong marriages are hard to find, we find the student couples we serve are glad to find such role models. This book is an important additional resource for our mission.”

The Couple to Couple League consists of volunteer couples dedicated to promoting and teaching natural family planning to married and engaged couples. The crowdfunding campaign to publish “Your Love Story” continues to meet distribution goals at the parish level and concludes February 1, 2015.

Learn how you can be a part of this project at http://yourlovestory-book.com/

Your Love Story - Image Courtesy of Couple to Couple League. Used with permission.