I'd say that today, a full week later, my body has finally realized that it's no longer in Eastern Africa. Unfortunately, I think I left a piece of my heart their permanently with the amazing people we met! But as we've learned so often, the heart has an amazing capacity to grow. Looking at the photos and social media sharing below makes me realize once again how truly blessed we were to interact with the CRS staffers, priests, and families in the communities we visited. I pray that one day I'll have the chance to go back, but in the mean time I'm very committed to seeing Rice Bowl break records for participation this year.

As I've shared before, the Lenten gifts we offer through Rice Bowl go directly to support families and communities around the world. Additionally, 25% of your donation remains in your home diocese to support those in need in your own community. As we approach Lent, I hope you'll continue to pray about your involvement in this terrific program. Rice Bowl changes lives... both for those who receive needed support, and for those who offer small sacrifices to make our world a better place.