Yes, it’s true. A well-known, highly published, and hugely popular Catholic priest is encouraging all of us to spend Lent with the devil. And I can tell you, having had a taste of the journey, that it’s one that will be well-worth the effort.


Fr. Dwight Longenecker, whose wisdom graces the webpages of many well-esteemed Catholic sites (including his own very popular blog, Standing on My Head), has released a new book that is designed to take you on a journey through Lent with none other than the devil himself.

Slubgrip Instructs: Fifty Days with the Devil, while a sequel to Longenecker’s Gargoyle Code, stands alone and does the “make you think twice about everything in your life” job quite nicely.

It’s a fast read if you sit down to read it, but I would encourage you to take your copy (because, I assure you, you need one!) and savor it. Consider what’s written and how popular culture is truly impacting you. It’s not an easy truth to face.

If you want to hear about why Fr. Longenecker wrote it, he shared some thoughts in a conversation with me, which are over on my blog at the National Catholic Register. But really, bottom line: book worth owning, reading, and internalizing.

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