clutterfreeClutter Free is a great book since a new year has just begun. There are probably many of us who could get rid of some things after the new Christmas gifts have come into our homes. It is just material stuff after all. God is always asking us to let go of the things of this world and Kathi Lipp helps us to do that with her easy-to-do tips.

I delved into this book with a passion. I am always trying to eliminate clutter in our house and this book was offered to me for review at the perfect time. Now that Christmas is over and I have a couple months before the birthday gifts enter our house, this is the prime time for getting rid of things. With Lent right around the corner, I really needed to read another book about organizing.

This book is written differently from any other organizing book I have read. It is simple, to the point, and it gets right to the heart of clutter. It helps the reader discover the reasons for their clutter and how to move past those barriers. She asks three simple questions in order to simplify the process: Do I currently use it? Do I really love it? Would I buy it again? Streamlining getting rid of clutter this way makes sense, and I am always up for a different view of the topic. She helps the reader feel less overwhelmed and more in control of getting rid of things.

Lipp brings in the spiritual side of the topic as it frees one to do more for God. Getting rid of possessions that no longer bring one joy leaves more room for where God truly needs that person. No longer are past failures screaming out from the bulging closet. There are only positive (and fewer) possessions remaining to focus on the gifts one possesses and is being asked to develop by God.

This book would be a wonderful tool for Lent in order to rid oneself of the worldly things to make room for God's calling in one's life. How many things are bringing you down as you glance around your home? Could you part with those items?

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