Catholic Mom Daily Gospel Reflections Logo with gold outlineToday's Gospel: Matthew 21:33-43, 45-46

It’s in a mother’s nature to want people to like, enjoy, and accept her children. I’ve never kissed my kids goodbye in the morning and sweetly said, “Bye, honey, I hope you get rejected today, love ya!” Maybe I should. Even as adults we seek acceptance; we want to fit in and be liked by our peers, but we have to be cautious that those offering acceptance are also those who will lead us closer to Christ.

What would our earthly life be like if we lived each day realizing the acceptance of our Heavenly Father is the only nod of approval necessary? Jesus’ message in this parable is crystal clear: live a life acceptable to God, and you will bear great fruit; get tangled up in approval of man, and you will most certainly lose your way. Living as a light of Christ is not for sissies, and it may cause us to be rejected by those who aren’t as committed to holiness. But in that rejection, we are in good company, and at that very moment we may be completely open to the work of Christ and become the cornerstone of something he’s building around us.


In quiet prayer ask God to reveal to your heart all those people you are seeking approval from. What makes their approval important, and will it bring you closer to Christ and allow you to bear great fruit?


Loving Father, help me to live each day seeking your approval. Allow me to be a cornerstone in your good works even if it means being rejected. Comfort me in my disappointment, and strengthen me in my journey toward greater holiness. Amen.

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