Like many of you I’m a busy mom, full time teacher, wife, and catechist. Many times I feel like I’m running around trying to catch up and a bit frazzled, to say the least.

Even though it seems that every minute of every day is full with something to do I still try my very best to go visit our Lord in adoration at least once a week.

I know you are wondering, “Didn’t she just say she’s super busy?” I did. It’s challenging, but I have discovered over time that sitting with our Lord for even 15 minutes makes a huge difference in my day, in my life.

Like many of you, I would love to put an hour for adoration on my calendar on a weekly basis, but I also have other vocations I need to fulfill. I also know my Lord wants me to fulfill those that he has blessed me with, to their fullest.

So how can I get to adoration? Well, what has helped me, over time, is finding churches close to my job or on my route home. If I get out of a meeting early, I stop for a few minutes on my way home, especially if my husband can pick up my son from school on his day off. If this is the case I will stop by for a longer period of time, which is a blessing.

Since, I can’t really put it on my calendar, I try to also have it in the back of mind every week. Just knowing that I might get to visit our Lord helps everything seem more manageable.

The key to this is trying to make adoration a part of my life. When I can’t go, I feel that something is missing, my peace of mind and soul. Sitting with our Lord, for me, is like being able to rest my head on his shoulder to talk, cry, or just be.

Between my late meetings, my son’s homework, and life, it is hard to follow through with my weekly visit. When I do  get to visit our Lord the  time is priceless.

Is adoration something you might want to begin doing in Lent?

Copyright 2015 Elizabeth Desiderato
Photo: Business Calendar Via Flickr