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Today's Gospel: John 8:51-59


Two simple words, and yet such profundity.

Gathered in front of the Jews and teaching them, Jesus assured these skeptics that whoever kept his word would “never see death.” The Jews couldn’t help but question such a bold statement. They asked Christ about Abraham and the prophets, assured in their knowledge that these holy men had indeed died.

Jesus’s answer did not satisfy them, so they continued with their accusations and prodding. In the end, Jesus simply replied with the enormity carried within those two words. Perhaps sensing their frustration, confusion, and distrust, he taught them that before Abraham even came to be, “I AM.”

I AM. Timeless, yet eternal. Loving, yet all powerful. Just as those Jews did in their time, I struggle to understand and make sense of God. And yet, God’s bountiful love for me is present every day in ways that are both bold and tiny. In the majesty of a sunrise or the tiny glimmer of a candle’s flame, in the power of the ocean or the marvel of a simple drop of rain, God was and is and will be.


God IS.


As we journey through the Lenten season, how are you moving towards a fuller understanding of God’s omnipotence in your life?


Lord God, who was and is and will be, strengthen me to find new life and infinite love in your embrace. Help me in my moments of doubt to know your love and to witness always to your glory.

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