dogmadogs_largeDon’t you just wish that there were a fun CD for kids with songs about fascinating elements of our Catholic faith and tradition, like the twenty-one Ecumenical Councils, the Mass, or the lectionary cycle?

Oh my goodness, wait, there is!

I introduce to you: The Dogma Dogs.

The Dogma Dogs: Songs of Catholicism for Kids aims to deliver “doctrine with a beat”, and it certainly does. The cd hits on the Trinity (“three in one / They have more fun”), salvation history (“Pharaoh, Pharaoh, ooooh baby, you gotta let my people go”), the Mass and more. The songs are fun, funny, upbeat, and hit a little closer to home than some of the more ubiquitous Sunday school standards.

It’s every Catholic parent’s dream to peek downstairs and see her children dancing wildly to a song commemorating the Ecumenical Councils throughout history, and it can be yours with The Dogma Dogs.

Can dogma really be this fun? Have a listen.

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