tech talk redesignWhile we limit screen time in our house, I do let the little ones play on occasion. Especially at the end of the longest. wait. EVER. Like that last 10 minutes before Ballet ends and they are overdue for lunch by an hour & a half.

Catholic Words and Games app reviewIn the almost seven years and 3 kids who have been around since I got my first iPhone, the matching games have always been a hit. I've downloaded several over the years, but Catholic Words & Games has been my favorite. Why? Because you don't have to play in a vacuum! Sometimes in the afternoons, all four of us will pile into an armchair and play Catholic Memory Match. TOGETHER! You can choose to play from 1 to 4 players and you can change the grid from easy to hard to accommodate all ages. Plus, we are ALL learning what everything is called.


Have you ever heard of an alb? Cruet? Lavabo set? Mozzetta? Me neither. But now my 7-year-old and I have most of the terms down. And if you have older kids, there are other games, too -- Tap It, Spell It and Name Match, in addition to flashcards. Because you can learn all the terms listening to the names when you flip over the cards in Memory Match, you can learn quite a bit even if you only play that.

Not only is this an awesome app for its Catholic goodness, but it's beautifully designed and put together. It holds its own against any secular game/learning app. I didn't have any crash issues and kids constantly ask to play it. With me. A lot more than I let them ;).

If you want to put a wholesome app on your iPhone or iPad or on your Android device, Catholic Words and Games is well worth it! This app is priced at $4.99.

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