Catholic Mom Daily Gospel Reflections Logo with gold outlineToday's Gospel: John 14:27-31A

Peace. I don’t know what I thought it was, but when I found it, it was far different than I thought it would be.

I think I must have pictured it as everything working out perfectly (read: as I planned it) or as not ever having to worry about bills again or as never being sick or having sick people to take care of. I pictured it as a sparkly rainbow land filled with perfection and candy-topped moments.

What I never considered was how sick all of that sweetness would make me.

It turns out that, in my life, peace isn’t like that at all. Instead, it’s more of a calm assurance, a mindset that can’t be shaken no matter what a toddler, an aging adult, or a life circumstance may conspire to make me quake in my shoes. Peace is the strength I get from knowing Who is in charge and letting Him take the wheel.

As a certified control freak, this was no easy transformation of mind. It took a regular practice of rosaries, many hours of confession, and at least a big dollop of maturity on top. Having had a taste of it, though, I’m not about to turn back to my old ways. God can worry about it. I’ll take the peace; he can have the problems.


What am I doing to stand in the way of the peace God wants for me? What can I do to get out of his way?


Lord, I know you want peace for me. Grant me the grace to get out of your way and let you show me the way to your peace. Amen.

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