Editor's note: Today's guest post describes a company on the cutting edge of information technology, helping the Catholic Church's mission in education, formation and collaboration. --Barb

The Catholic Church is not typically known for keeping up-to-date on all the latest technological trends, especially in the online learning industry. But Kansas-based software company My Catholic Faith Delivered (MCFD) is quickly changing that perception.

MCFD’s award-winning software has helped dioceses, apostolates, parishes and schools around the world manage their online educational and reporting needs. They have developed an all-inclusive software ecosystem that enables users to create dynamic, unique, and interactive learning experiences for learners of all ages.

“Our goal,” explains Executive Director Mike Alex, “is to deliver Fortune 500 quality software to the Church. We’ve created a reliable software platform that is both easy to use and customizable for each apostolate.”

In just a few clicks, a teacher can create, edit, and manage an entire lesson. By using MCFD’s innovator technology to build engaging courses with interactive features, dioceses and apostolates are discovering a much more practical and easy way to manage classroom assessments.

The Vatican has long understood the necessity of reaching out to people online. On World Communication Day in 2014, Pope Francis said, “The digital world can be an environment rich in humanity; a network not of wires but of people...Christian witness, thanks to the internet, can thereby reach the peripheries of human existence.”

MCFD is bringing the Church into the twenty-first century, and it’s doing it in style. Their software is already implemented in over 150 countries, has 40 partner dioceses, and hosts over 45,000 users in parishes and schools. Diocesan officials are discovering that the software has applications beyond religious education. It can certify and track employee training, safe environment updates, generate reports, and even host live events such as open enrollment. News about the company’s successes travels fast.

Their cloud-based storage library provides the means of delivering all records and files, as well as emailing and collaboration abilities, without any performance degradation. MCFD’s content delivery network includes world-class security services to protect diocesan information.

The software is exactly what the Church needs to meet the demands of the online classroom. “My Catholic Faith Delivered provides a very professional and flexible platform to track online and live courses that comprise an individual’s catechist formation plan,” says Theodore Musco, Executive Director, School of Evangelization (Diocese of Brooklyn). The online testing modules give instant results to catechists and administrators. Catechists can choose to create their own courses and interactive lessons with the platform, or they can leverage MCFD’s exclusive partnership with Ignatius Press to provide the online content for the Faith and Life series.

But MCFD is not just for primary education. Adults are catching on, too. Matthew Kelly, founder of DynamicCatholic.com, says that “My Catholic Faith Delivered provides innovative, engaging online catechetical courses for Catholics of all ages. It’s a marvelous tool giving a 24/7 online opportunity to learn the beauty and truths of the Catholic faith. I highly recommend this Catholic online educational experience!” MCFD hosts an entire suite of online Adult Faith Formation classes enabling users to learn at their own pace.

With five bishops, two priests, and three lay Catholic leaders on their advisory board, it seems that My Catholic Faith Delivered is doing everything right. The Church has been looking for the right online learning and management solution for decades, and MCFD is delivering in a big way.

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