Gospel Reflections 800x800 gold outlineToday's Gospel: Mark 5:21-43

People sought Jesus out constantly, some to hear his words, others with requests for healing. As I read today’s Gospel, I was struck that both the father and the woman fell before Jesus. They probably did so out of a combination of desiring to honor him and a bit of fear of him. Clearly they had faith, and so both honor and fear are appropriate. They showed Jesus reverence—reverence that, as the Son of God, he certainly deserves.

St. Thomas Aquinas said that “external actions are signs of internal reverence.” How do we show internal reverence then? I don’t know how you show it, but I will tell you how I try to be reverent. I sometimes have a hard time at Mass because not everyone is behaving as liturgically appropriate as I think is necessary. Honestly, I am very judgmental! My friends call me a liturgy snob. My task then is to stop paying attention to what everyone else is doing and do what I am supposed to do. Sometimes it means I close my eyes so all I hear is the priest or music, and visuals don’t distract me. It means I focus on the crucifix above the altar whenever I feel myself being pulled away. It means I focus on what I need to do at Mass. And I need to give reverence.


Am I giving reverence to God? To Jesus? Do my actions at Mass show I am present and praying? If not, what can I do?


God, thank you for giving us Mass. It is a blessing to come together and worship as a community with those who love you. Help my internal reverence grow so that all I do honors you. Amen.

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