Editor's Note: Veritas Christi Catholic High School is a cyberschool dedicated to providing special-needs high-school students a high-quality education in all academic subjects, including theology. --Barb


VCCHS Logo w black backgroundAre you the parent of a teenager with special needs who’s always dreamed of being able to provide your child with a Catholic high school education? Now you can, without worrying about what your child is going to encounter from the moment he leaves the house in the morning until he returns home in the afternoon.

Veritas Christi, the nation’s first Catholic online high school for students with special needs, and the Jesuit Virtual Learning Academy, have teamed up to provide Catholic teenagers everywhere with special needs online access to the same theology courses taught at dozens of Catholic high schools across the country.

The standard, non-religious coursework, i.e. math, science, English, etc. is provided through the Apex Learning online service.

“While we continue to seek funds to open our brick and mortar school here in Ann Arbor, we are providing kids everywhere who struggle with special needs, and for whom a classroom setting is just not feasible, the same chance every other child has to earn a diploma from a Catholic high school,” said Richard Nye, a co-founder and president of the board of directors for Veritas Christi. “With Catholic high schools closing everyday across America, we’re happy to announce the opening of a unique Catholic high school for a special group of vulnerable kids.”

“This is a first in the field of Catholic special education online,” said Father Don Vettese, SJ, a Jesuit priest and a member of the Veritas Christi board of directors. “Veritas Christi joins an impressive list of Catholic high schools nationwide already using JVLA’s excellent curriculum. But Veritas Christi is the first and only Catholic high school to make it available online to kids everywhere with special needs.

“On behalf of these special kids, I’m appealing to wealthy Catholics everywhere who may be looking for something good and wonderful and truly unique in which to invest your funds, to call me or Richard Nye about making a contribution to help us open our brick and mortar version of Veritas Christi Catholic High School. You can reach me at 734-222-0701,” Father Don added.

The fall online semester at Veritas Christi begins on September 10, 2015.