When I was a little girl I always loved to celebrate Halloween. I loved going trick or treating with my friends and choosing something to dress up as, although I often had to choose my costume around a snowsuit, living in Minnesota! As we started to have our own children and needing to choose how we would celebrate holidays as a family, Halloween was definitely one that came up in discussions. We want to make sure that we are always instilling the depth of our Catholic faith into our children and that they grow up not only having fun but also appreciating the meaning behind their celebrations.61-wtejksl__sx381_bo1204203200_

Halloween became a tradition after the celebration of All Saints Day, which we celebrate on November 1st. I am so excited that there is finally a fantastic book to help our children understand the correlation of these two celebrations!  The children's book by Brenda Castro, Jackie's Special Halloween, is a must-have in all Catholic homes. This book discusses the history of Halloween and then dives in deeper to teach us all about some very special saints and virtues that we learn from them!

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Our kids loved seeing the children in the story dressing up as different people and guessing which saint that they were dressing up as. They also loved the stories of some of their favorite saints in the book, including St. Francis of Assisi, St. Pope John Paul II, St. Teresa of Calcutta, St. Therese of Lisieux, St. Juan Diego and more. As Halloween and All Saints day are approaching, Jackie's Special Halloween is definitely a book to add to your home, church or school library!

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