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A few years, ago when my youngest was an infant, I learned a valuable life lesson that has challenged me to grow my faith in a unique way. I still rely on this lesson, years later, as it applies to any stage of life or faith journey.

My 10-month old woke up from his afternoon nap later than usual. I knew he would be greatly anticipating his bottle! As I brought him into the kitchen, I told him that he was about to get a bottle. As soon as I said the word, I knew I had to hurry!

Instead of making the bottle with one arm while holding him, which I knew would take longer, I put baby down on the floor while I hurriedly made the bottle. This little boy could not understand why I promised him a bottle and then just sat him down, as if I was going back on my word and forgot how hungry he was. He cried immediately, he flailed his arms and threw a fit. My little pumpkin was no longer my relaxed third child, he was mad...at me! He did not understand that I had to place him on the floor so I could work faster and get his bottle to him as quickly as possible.

This got me thinking, how often to we pray for something, then wait the amount of time that WE think is appropriate, to just give up and get mad when it appears that our prayer is not answered? Do we trust that God is working on it, and that his time is perfectly aligned with His plan for us? Do we start to doubt? Give in? Get mad? Turn away?

Or do we throw ourselves further into prayer and seek His wisdom on how best to handle the challenge we face?

I knew exactly what my child needed, but he could not understand that I had to create distance from him, so that I could work faster, on his behalf. When we suffer lows and we despair, let us try to remember to not give in or give up. We must do the opposite, we must trust!

Trust as if you KNOW that God is working on your behalf, on exactly what you need, in His perfect time!

Can you recall a time where you felt that God had turned away from you, and forgot your needs? Once enough time had passed, did your perspective change?


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Photo: "Not Happy" mexikids on Nov 18, 2004 from www.freeimages.com.