"Morning moments that save my day" by Meg Bucaro (CatholicMom.com) Copyright 2017 Meg Bucaro. All rights reserved.

After years of busy, usually hectic mornings, I finally came to realize that my days were better when I could spend a few minutes reading, reflecting, and praying to set the right course for the day. I was more centered and felt more soulful peace when I took just a few moments to connect with the Lord. Was it easy to carve out a few minutes during an already jam-packed hour? No, it wasn’t easy, but I soon learned it was simply necessary and absolutely worth the effort!

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It became obvious that the real challenge would be to stick to this morning habit. Of course as time went on I would fall in and out of this important ritual. For example, just this past Lent unfortunately, was a time that though I was supposed to be more dedicated to this habit . . . I fell out of this important daily ritual. I was embarrassed and truly ashamed as I zoomed past my journal and Bible in a rush to attack the most urgent item on my list each morning.

As I would run through my morning thinking that I really just need to sit down for a few minutes, another voice in my head would tell me that it was more urgent to respond to that client, clean up the kitchen, get my exercise started, or make a grocery stop as quickly as possible. There was always something that was more urgent. I thought I was doing okay knowing that eventually I would get back to this regular practice of spending a few moments with the Lord in order to set my day up for success!

While the first few days without this practice, I thought it was just a seamless hiccup. I actually caught myself saying, “Okay, see, nothing is falling apart, I can keep going and just make sure at some point tomorrow, I sit down, reflect, and pray,” day after day. I was fooling myself! It was soon that the stress grew; frustration soared and my patience with my children was severely tried. My kids noticed I was more agitated one afternoon after school. Once, amidst kitchen chaos, my 8 year old asked me, “ Mom, I don’t want to be disrespectful but why are you yelling at us?” This stopped me in my tracks. Of course I could give him an explanation, like, “Well . . . I have asked you and your siblings 10 times to wash your hands, put away your backpacks and your clean clothes, take the dog outside so I can complete ONE MORE thing for work today!!” but I knew it was not their fault. I was frantic. Crazed.

I had lost perspective. I had let too many days go by without being spiritually centered. This was the fallout. I thought I was doing okay but as time passed, it was OBVIOUS that nothing could be more important than affording myself a few minutes with the Lord, each morning, to gain proper focus. Morning moments with Christ always help me to breathe, deep breaths that provide not just physical oxygen but spiritual oxygen to my soul.

When I do not make time for this quiet time each morning, I proceed through my days not tethered to any spiritual anchor. When I am spiritually connected to the Lord, I am at peace. I am joyous. Though stresses, struggles and frustrations still exist, the Lord helps me to keep them in perspective, he reminds me that He is in charge and I just need to give my worries over to Him and enjoy the day! And though I have to relearn this lesson every now and then, I KNOW that I am a better Mom, wife, friend, Christian and person when I spend a few moments with the Lord each morning.

Do you allow yourself a few minutes of prayer each day? What time works best for you? Can you awake five minutes earlier to afford yourself this important daily ritual? Schedule five minutes today to connect with Christ. You and those around you will surely reap the benefits!


Copyright 2017 Meg Bucaro