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Today's Gospel: Mark 6:1-6

It’s so easy to fall into the roles we have had all our lives, isn’t it? I’ve always been “the smart one,” so I’ve carried that with me. I always feel sort of ashamed when I’m not smart enough or can’t figure something out. I push myself—and that’s largely a good thing.

Our roles can limit us, though, lock us into an approach or a perspective that isn’t necessarily right for us. We can see ourselves as “just” mothers or daughters or women. We can stop trying because it’s not “our” problem or “our” concern.

And yet, though Jesus wasn’t able to perform any mighty deeds in his hometown, because of the people’s lack of faith, it didn’t stop him from showing up, from trying. Sometimes, doing what needs to be done—or what we’re called to do—is uncomfortable and even offensive to other people.

“How dare you?” they whisper. “What gives you the right?” they accuse. “Why bother?” they ask. Maybe they harangue, harass, hector. Perhaps they yell, point, or snicker. Possibly they’re just annoying and persistent.

That’s not your ticket out, though. If we look to Jesus’ example, it’s merely proof that you’re in good company. So stay strong. Hold fast. Pray much.


Living against what the world deems good and right is hard work sometimes. How can you strengthen yourself for the battle you face?


Lord, give me the strength to remain strong in the face of opposition. Grant me the grace to cooperate with your will in my life, even when it flies in the face of what everyone else thinks I should do. Amen.

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