"The Field of Gold" copyright 2015 Judith Costello. All rights reserved. "The Field of Gold" copyright 2015 Judith Costello. All rights reserved.

I remember the first time it happened. I was stressed about something and wasn’t very nice to members of my family. The kids were hot and tired. They were bickering. You see, our house has no air conditioning so there are times when the heat combines with stress to make for a miserable day.

That’s when it happened.

“Hey, you guys. You have to see this,” called my husband from the front door. He sounded really excited. But I was at the stove stirring spaghetti sauce.

“What is it?” I called with no enthusiasm. I could hear a “boom” sound in the distance. Was there a fire? An accident on the highway?

“Just come. Kids come outside too. You need to see this. It’s amazing.”

Begrudgingly, the three of us in the house followed him out the front door. We looked around. No fire. No accident. No spinning sun. There weren’t even clouds in the sky.

“What are we supposed to see?” I asked. The kids chimed in, “There is nothing to see!”

“Nothing? You’ve got to be kidding!” Jurgen said. “This is God’s creation. Just look. It is beautiful. Take a break from everything in the house. It’s worth looking at.”

He pointed to the mountains in the distance. The sun was heading toward them. And a slight breeze stirred in the air.

“Well, it does feel better out here. The house is hot,” said one of the kids.

“Hey look at the butterfly!” called the other one, pointing to a Monarch sunning on the bushes.

“The ground here is cracked. It looks like lightning bolts,” I added.

We spent about 15 minutes seeing what we hadn’t seen before. Suddenly there was a lot to see.

When I remembered the pot on the stove, I ran inside. But not before I thanked my good husband for his call to appreciate beauty wherever it is!


Jurgen has called out for us to “come and see” since then. Sometimes the response is still the same: “But there is nothing to see.” Mostly, though, we remember the lesson. God gave us beauty as a lesson about His love. Beauty is a great gift that lifts our spirits.

His creation is truly amazing. Whatever stress we feel, or whatever boredom the kids complain about, BEAUTY can relieve us of this pressure. All we need to do is go outside and practice really seeing the gifts from Heaven!

It’s a summer assignment. Can you pull off an enthusiastic, “Everyone come and see! This is really amazing. You don’t want to miss this"?


Copyright 2015 Judith Costello, MA. OCDS
Photo copyright 2015 Judith Costello. All rights reserved.