Editor's Note: Today we're featuring a guest article from the Live Greater Foundation, which will partner with agencies across the USA to offer school supplies to schools in Port-Au-Prince. --Barb

TGa ICONS first meeting 5-28-14 4253asThroughout the developing world, schools struggle to educate children, lacking even basic learning tools. Without paper, pens, and pencils, students lack the opportunities to practice their reading and writing. Families in critical poverty are unable to afford these tools for their students.

In partnership with Friar Suppliers, the Live Greater Foundation has chosen to adopt a school in the Port-Au-Prince region of Haiti. The organization will supply each student and classroom with basic supplies for the year.

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Dick Montgomery, the organization’s founder and director, says this small act of support and love will offer children the opportunity to escape poverty in the long term, by supporting education.

States Montgomery: “We know that education is the single most powerful road out of poverty available to individual children in the developing world. It may not seem like a big project, but if we can make education in one school more effective by making sure that they have supplies, we will affect the lives of 750 children and their families.”

By partnering with local schools, churches, and youth groups in the United States, Live Greater will allow groups across the country to better understand issues in global education and engage in meaningful volunteerism.

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“Haiti’s struggles are many and many nonprofits are on the ground there doing incredible things. We are a young organization and we don’t necessarily have the capacity to dive into long-term development projects. But we know we must do something to help individual children and their families. Mother Theresa encourages us to do small things with great love, and if we can make sure that each child has school supplies for the year in one school, we’ll know we’ve done that,” says Katie Halvat, the organization’s Director of Initiatives.

For more information on how your school, church, youth group or organization can partner with the Live Greater Foundation, email Katie Halvat.

Live Greater is a 501(c)(3) organization, committed to inviting ordinary people to live extraordinary lives through faith and service to others. 


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