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This year I had the opportunity to be part of teaching the Bible Adventures rotation for preschool and kindergarten during Vacation Bible School.  I loved it.  Of course, I team taught with a good friend of mine that only made it better. The children loved it and were very excited, especially the day they got to eat homemade cookies!

Overall it was wonderful but it was priceless for my soul. Evangelizing these little ones was not only a privilege but also a humbling experience.  Why? you may wonder, well God could have chosen someone else to do this but he guided by friend to ask me to help and not someone else.

It was touching to see the children had their fingerprint to a wooden cross and say “I’m sorry” to Jesus for their sins….it gives me chills even as I’m writing this.  Wouldn’t this world be different if we all did that not only with Jesus but with those closest to us?

Instead we live in a world where the norm is to cause pain, be rude, judge, and not forgive because he/she doesn’t deserve it.  I pray that, I too, like these little ones, can see Jesus in those closest to me and forgive.

Don’t get me wrong; I am human, so I have been known to say I forgive and not forget and then maybe feel good about a person’s struggle that has hurt me.  I pray every day for guidance and wisdom but many times let Jesus down.

So this summer during VBS I too was evangelized by little ones who in awe listened to the stories of God’s love, forgiveness, and companionship.  That no matter how scared you may be, like Elijah, and you think God has left you to deal with things on your own, he is there holding us as we are terrified.

I thank God for the opportunity to trust me to share his love and word with these little ones and by reminding me that he is always holding me as I am trying to hold on to my faith.


Copyright 2015 Elizabeth Desiderato
Image credit : falco/1748 images Pixabay CC0 Public Domain