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Who knows what's best for 12-year-old Charli?

  • Is it Marita, her single mother, who was only 17 when Charli was born and who avoids the church she feels is always judging her?
  • Is it her grandparents, who try to control Marita's life--and Charli's too?
  • Is it Jim, Charli's workaholic father, who chose his frat-boy lifestyle over his baby but now wants full custody?
  • Is it Angel, Charli's stepmother, who fears that her inability to conceive a child of her own will ruin her marriage?

casting the first stone cover

In a child-custody tug-of-war, is it possible for anyone to "win"? Lisa Lawmaster Hess explores this question in her novel Casting the First Stone. Her background as a counselor shows as she probes this complicated subject from two points of view: those of Charli's mother and her stepmother.

Dual points of view don't always work in a novel, but they definitely do in this one. Maybe that's because the points of view shown are those of a mother and stepmother. There are a lot of questions regarding various characters' motivations, but it becomes clear to the reader exactly who has the child's best interest at heart.

I've read this novel twice already and I look forward to the sequel, due out this fall! contributor Lisa Lawmaster Hess is not only a novelist; she is a teacher, speaker and nonfiction writer as well. Learn more about Lisa's other work here.

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