Gospel Reflections 800x800 gold outlineToday's Gospel: Matthew 23:23-26

Optional Memorial of Saint Louis

Optional Memorial of Saint Joseph Calasanz, Priest

Jesus doesn’t mince any words when he issues the fourth and fifth “woes” (in a series of seven) aimed at redirecting the behavior of the scribes and Pharisees. He calls the teachers and leaders of his day hypocrites for clinging so tightly to the letter of the law that they have fallen into a total disregard for its spirit.

I know I, too, am sometimes guilty of the sins Jesus calls them out on – conveniently giving to charity and yet neglecting the opportunity to lovingly serve one in need who is immediately in front of me. Or remaining “pure” and spotlessly sinful on the exterior, while the interior state of my soul is filthy.

In pondering today’s gospel passage, I am reminded not to look for the sin in those around me but rather to turn my gaze inward, in search of my own hypocrisy.

Woe to me if I don’t!


Do you struggle with often noting the sins of others while neglecting to see your own? When was your last good confession?


Jesus, you taught us to live perfectly in and through you. Help me today to see, to repent of, and to seek conversion from the sins that separate me from you. I desire to live fully in you and for you.

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