Gospel Reflections 800x800 gold outlineToday's Gospel: Luke 6:1-5

Optional Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Confession: I have a streak of Pharisee in me. Oh, when I read the gospel passages, I always roll my eyes right on cue and cheer Jesus’ cutting remarks to them. But when I think about my own approach to life, I can’t help but feel a pang.

I know these guys because I am one of them.

The Pharisees weren’t all bad guys. In fact, they took their religion very, very seriously. Their fault was in not knowing the balance. They were so caught up in the laws that they missed the reason for the laws. What they had in knowledge, they lacked in flexibility and understanding.

Jesus doesn’t come to trash the laws. In fact, the laws remain important. But he balances them and reminds us of the humanity.

So often it’s easy to say that something is right or wrong, black or white. I prefer it that way, in fact. But when we look closer, there are often shades of color that need to be considered with love.

And that’s the key. Love. Jesus doesn’t abolish the law, but he adds love back to it. That’s what the Pharisees (and I) needed to learn.


How am I a Pharisee in my daily life? What might I do to let go a bit and turn to Jesus in love?


Jesus, I hate knowing I’m a Pharisee. And yet, I know you are greater than my own tendencies towards righteousness and blindness. Help me today to turn to you and act in gentleness. Amen.

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