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Are you married? If so, here's a book I really think you need to read. Katie Warner, wife, stay-at-home mother, writer, author, evangelist and daughter of Tom Peterson, founder of Catholics Come Home, has written Head & Heart: Becoming Spiritual Leaders for Your Family, a field manual on how to become the strong spiritual leader--either a spiritual head or a spiritual heart--that God's calling you to be.

head_and_heartcover_borderDrawing on scripture, tradition, the wisdom of saints, Catholic authors, and Catholic laypeople doing their best to live out their vocations, Katie has put together an incredible treasure trove of best practices and ideas for how husbands and wives can best love, form, and guide their families on their journey to heaven. With chapters covering the distinct roles of husbands and wives and the characteristics of strong spiritual leaders to fostering peace at home and offering up suffering, the book offers an invaluable look into the Church's teaching on marriage and the marriages of many strong couples for ideas and practical advice on how to navigate the many challenges to family life today.

I was honored to offer a small interview for the section on cultivating virtue in the home, but I learned so much more from the other couples who shared their inspiring stories of overcoming obstacles within their marriages and who emerged from them stronger, and more in love with each other and Christ. Reading about these everyday couples who are quietly but heroically living out their vocation to serve one another and their families really inspired me to want to grow in my own spiritual leadership.

As the crisis of marriage and the family has taken center stage in our day, this book is perfectly aimed to help those couples who are struggling or to further encourage those who feel like their happy marriage could be even stronger. Head & Heart is a beautiful and effective tool to help reclaim your spiritual leadership within your family.

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"Humanity passes by way of the family."
-Pope St. John Paul II, Familiaris Consortia


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