Gospel Reflections 800x800 gold outlineToday's Gospel: Luke 10:25-37

Was there a point when the scholar wanted to yell a triumphant “BOOYAH!” when Jesus replied, “You have answered correctly; do this and you will live”? Maybe, but then he proves himself a true scholar and presses the question.

It is then that Jesus tells the story that many of us know so well, that of the Good Samaritan.

There’s a lot of room for reflection in this story, and it doesn’t take much imagination or substitution to imagine myself as one of the two who rushes by the scene of the crime. Hey, I’m late. I’m busy. I have little kids. I’m working.

Me, me, me.

I imagine Jesus looking at me with “that look.” Do you know the one? It’s not scornful or even disgusted. It has a hint of disappointment, maybe, but mostly he’s feeling sorry…for me.

And that makes me stop in my tracks.

Have you ever given of yourself until you broke for someone else? Maybe it was someone who was a little blind to your help, or ungrateful, or even unable to acknowledge you.

Mercy isn’t easy…to give or to receive. And yet, that’s what Jesus asks of us. “Go and do likewise.”


Who needs mercy from me today? How might I show it to another person? When do I need to receive it with a thankful heart?


Lord, bless that person who’s getting on my nerves, stressing me out, or being a burden for me today, and grant mercy on me as I try to treat them as you would have me treat them. Amen.

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