Editor's note: We thank American Life League for their sponsorship of CatholicMom.com and encourage you to check out their FREE Miracle of Life Coloring & Activity Book, which comes with your purchase of Life Is Precious! Learn about this beautiful curriculum and how to bring it into your home or classroom to celebrate the gift of life. Lisa Hendey

Schoolwork can be tedious. Turn this school year into a celebration of the gift of life!

logoAmerican Life League, the nation’s largest Catholic pro-life organization, is pleased to announce an educational program for both school and homeschool students in grades K-12. The Culture of Life Studies Program makes learning about pro-life issues easy and memorable. Developed in consultation with teachers, pro-life experts, and moms just like you, this program is guaranteed to help lay a solid pro-life foundation in your children as you prepare them to live their lives as shining examples of Christ’s truth!

LIPpackageDuring the month of October, the month dedicated to respecting life, we are offering two of our brand new products for one incredibly low price. For just $24.95 you’ll get our Life Is Precious elementary unit study and our Miracle of Life Coloring & Activity Book. That’s a discount of more than 50 percent! Click here or on the ad on the side of catholicmom.com to take advantage of this great offer.

unnamedLife Is Precious, a four-week unit study for students in kindergarten through 2nd grade, uses popular children’s picture books, like Angel in the Waters and Horton Hears a Who, to teach them the fundamentals of human development, compassion for others, an understanding of the beauty of each human life, and the importance of standing up for pro-life values in our society. Life Is Precious uses fun crafts, games, discussion, and activities to give your children the intellectual and academic foundation they need to be effective communicators of the culture of life. The package comes complete with an instructor’s guide, a CD-ROM containing all of the images you need to complete projects with multiple children, a 12-week fetal model, and our Baby Steps DVD.

color1When you order Life Is Precious during Respect Life Month, you’ll receive our brand new Miracle of Life Coloring & Activity Book free! You won’t find anything else like it on the market. We use simple, yet charming drawings to instill culture-of-life values in children as young as three. In addition to puzzles that promote the dignity of the human person, the book contains nearly 40 pages of life-affirming images to color. Highlighted are pro-life heroes such as Saint John Paul II, Mother Teresa, and Gianna Molla—three saints of the Catholic Church who used their talents and sacrifices to build a culture of life. Our ABCs of Life coloring pages are sure to delight young children and offer talking points for parents and teachers reinforcing life-affirming principles.


Recently promoted by popular bloggers such as Shower of Roses, Better than Eden, and Clan-Donaldson, Life Is Precious will quickly become a favorite in your home. Here’s what some are saying about the Life Is Precious unit study!

The Life Is Precious unit study is definitely worth the full retail value . . . but right now they are offering it at a special introductory rate making it even more affordable! . . . My little ones really loved examining the sweet little fetal model and then comparing the size of a baby at different stages to various foods.”

– Jessica Gordon, ShowerofRoses.blogspot.com

"The Life Is Precious unit study is an answer to the question many parents of faith find themselves asking in this current culture. What can I do to help my young children embrace a culture of life?  This study teaches in an age-appropriate way the dignity of every human [being’s life]. Using teaching methods that appeal to every learning style, it reinforces in an engaging and effective way that every single life is precious and deserves our respect.”
– Mary Haseltine, Betterthaneden.com

“It is such a sweet program for younger grades, with just enough crafty activities to make me feel like I covered art for the week, without making me insane (and no glitter!). But the thing that touched me the most was how much the older kids insisted on participating. . . . And it’s not just a homeschool thing. Lessons are short and sweet, and would be a great enrichment activity for all families.”

– Cari Donaldson, author of Pope Awesome and Other Stories

Order your copy today for the low price of $24.95 and help build a culture of life!

Click here or on the ad on the side of catholicmom.com to take advantage of this great offer.