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Lego Batman


Action/ Adventure platformer


PC, PS2, DS, Xbox 360, PS3,  Wii.


A whole bunch of villains have broken out of Arkham asylum.  As Batman and Robin, your job is to arrest them in three "storylines."


This is very simple while doing a lot of things at once. One button will switch from one character to another. At various and sundry stations, each of them can change into different suits, which have different abilities -- be they explosives, hacking, scanning, walking up walls, etc. Hold down on button to target multiple things for the Baterangs to hit.


It's okay. Yes, that's it. Just okay.  If you've played a Lego game before, you know exactly how this one plays out. Very little feels original here.


Remember the early 90s Batman: The Animated Series? That's it. That soundtrack is exactly what you'll hear.

And the graphics were also okay. Mostly just animated Lego pieces.


It’s a Lego game. I’m going to pretend that no one is really and honestly concerned about that.


No community, but there is co-op throughout the game.

Addiction Danger

I gave up on it.

Problems/Ending Comments

It's an okay game. Minimal story line, minimal effort, and the suits feel like an arbitrary way to pad the game.

ESRB Rating:  E For Everyone.

My Rating: 6/10.  An average game.