BeTJOR_Cover_400x640Parents and grandparents of school-age children are given a toolkit of handbooks, carpool schedules, and class folders to help guide them throughout the academic year, but what about when it comes to navigating the world of middle school books?

“My intention is to provide a wholesome option so that kids have an opportunity to read something good for them that is engaging and full of adventure and humor,” said Ric Colegrove, author of the new pre-teen/teen novel Be: The Journey of Rol.

“My goal is to enrich the lives of children through entertainment, laughter, and the demonstration of good choices,” he said.

The adventure tale follows the main character Rol as he goes on a journey of self-discovery after his mentor suddenly disappears. Trying to find his way home, the young protagonist is joined by two witty sidekicks as they face comedies and challenges in their fantastical world. This story of adventure and growth includes a component not usually found in many novels for children -– in times of uncertainty Rol turns not to the distractions of the world, but rather, prayer.

“It’s not just what we can do on our own, but that there is a God who is part of our lives—as well as others, if we give them a chance,” Colegrove said. “When you face a decision, are you going to be hopeless or hopeful? And are you willing to depend on the help of those around you?”

The characters in the book Be rely on virtues, such as persistence and courage, instead of magic, to help them overcome obstacles along the way. Even though the adventure takes place in a fictional world, Colegrove says that there are themes that pre-teens and teens everywhere can relate to, such as what it means to be a leader, and using creativity, and even humor, to succeed during difficult situations.

Colegrove hopes that his book will allow children and parents, as well as any mentors of pre-teens and teens, an opportunity to have conversations about what it means to make decisions rooted in integrity, while also maintaining a sense of humor and humility. Be: The Journey of Rol is a book to enjoy, share, and discuss.

Author Ric Colegrove Author Ric Colegrove

“We should be thankful for what is around us,” Colegrove said. “And the character Rol is learning what that is all about.”

Be: The Journey of Rol has received numerous 5-star ratings as well as a favorable review from Kirkus Reviews, which states – Spiritual and moral lessons feature prominently in Colegrove’s debut fantasy, a playful coming-of-age adventure.” Those who read The Chronicles of Narnia series will enjoy the tale of Be: The Journey of Rol.

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