vatican-city-162458_1280 Vatican City National Flag via Pixabay.

On a beautiful  Sunday afternoon in  September I had the privilege of taking my son to participate in the Mass given by Pope Francis, in a beautiful park in Dallas, TX. The Diocese of Dallas organized this wonderful event for families of the diocese.

I was so excited to go and be a part of it, even if it was only through the jumbo screen,  but more excited to take my nine-year-old son. I very much wanted him to see how excited people were to be a part of something holy and historical.

I wanted him to experience how people took time out of their day to attend this Mass. Of course, I also wanted him to experience how people would try to park in the Arts District, which can be very challenging and expensive, to say the least, to be at this event.

To see the Mass would be wonderful but we were able to listen to Mariachis and a rock band that were singing their praises to our Lord before the Mass. As we sat on our blanket and were enjoying the beautiful weather and music, my son asked me, "Why did you want me to come?"

After a pause, I said, smiling, "I wanted you to be a part of this historical moment!" But then after we got home and continued on with  our routine I thought to myself, really, that's all you could say?  You couldn't think of something more powerful to say to take advantage of his question?

The answer: no, I didn't take advantage of my words in the moment but as I reflected on my answer I hope that his question was answered by our presence and the presence of so many people dressed in yellow and white to honor Pope Francis, and their enthusiasm for their faith and for God!

I hope that the beautiful words from the Bishop that were said with so much love for Pope Francis and his message also showed him why I wanted us to go. All I know is that my heart was warm and I was truly blessed to hear Pope Francis' words about the importance of family and the impact that it has for everyone.

I  pray that by being there with my son, on the blanket, that day surrounded by many who love their faith too, his question was also answered.

Maybe he won't understand it all now but I hope that when he is a man, husband, or whatever God calls him to be he knows that God loves him and that he saw Pope Francis say it and our family try to live it.

Copyright 2015 Elizabeth Desiderato