Last year Halloween was on a Friday, so in our house that means: throw a party! Since it’s on a Saturday this year we’re doing it again, only this time (since things have changed around our house recently) we’re just doing appetizers instead of dinner first and snacks later. Either way, I thought I’d show you some of the fun food we had here last year to give you a few ideas for Halloween party food you could try!

Ideas for Halloween Party Food

Frankenstein pudding cups

So first I’ll tell you about the Frankenstein pudding cups pictured above. I started out by searching online and found lots of cute ideas, but needed to find one that I could adapt to real food, of course! So here’s how I did it…

I made my homemade vanilla pudding, only I used regular organic sugar, instead of organic palm sugar, so it wouldn’t turn out brownish. I used a permanent marker to draw faces on clear plastic cups (this is a fun job for the kids to do), and spooned some pudding into each cup. Then we crushed up organic oreos, and sprinkled some into each cup for “hair.”

However, making the pudding green is where it got tricky… I did something BAD!

I had organic food coloring and put a little in a test cup of pudding. It turned brown, and we had company coming over!!! So I had to use a teeny amount of the ROTTEN chemical crap food coloring (which I had around here for crafts) — that’s why it’s just a light green in the picture, not the bright green you see in the online search above. Light green was close enough for me, and I was already sick over the fact that I used ANY.

HELP! Does anyone know a better way to color pudding green that I could try??? Otherwise I won’t be making them for this year’s party, obviously. Or maybe Frank could just be less spooky and have a white face…

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