This picture isn’t the greatest, but it was only my back-up shot for the one I was going to get at the party I made this dip for, where I knew there would be homemade German pretzels, but then I didn’t feel so hot and didn’t end up going. The tangy pretzel dip is good with regular pretzels too, though — pictured above is our favorite in a pinch: organic sourdough spelt pretzels — they still have vegetable oils (bummer), but at least they’re organic so no GMOs. This recipe was inspired by another one, only of course I adapted it because I’m so picky about my ingredients. Her picture was a little better.

She linked to her recipe for pretzel rolls, and it’s made with all real food ingredients, but these days I use mostly Einkorn flour for the nutritional benefits. Soooo soon I’ll try the homemade soft pretzel recipe that’s in my favorite cookbook: Einkorn – Recipes for Natures Original Wheat. Read my review on that cookbook here: Could THIS be the answer to the gluten sensitivity epidemic??

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