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F - Forsaking
A - All
I - I
T - Trust
H- Him

My Dad visited someone at the hospital last week that told him this acronym during his visit. She was a younger woman suffering from cancer. She told him she has faith and what it means to her. My dad was so moved by her clarity and deep faith that he had to share her words of wisdom with me. I had to share them with all of you.

In my life I try to do this. It is difficult to forsake the ways of our culture, the allure of materialism, the pleasures of money, and the high that comes with power. However, when you forsake those "things" and embrace the love of God there is still attraction, pleasure, and highs. There is a greater attraction to all that is good, wholesome, and pure. Pleasure is found in service to others, happiness in the simple moments, and love of others. There are mountain-top highs when you feel affirmed in your choices of following God instead of the ways of the world. There is satisfaction in knowing that although this is not an easy road every day, living for others is not, it is the path that God has guided you to follow.

When you open your mind, heart, and soul to the will of God everything changes in life. The sunsets are more colorful. You appreciate your loved ones more. A smile gives you motivation for the day. A kind word lifts you and you just want to give it away to others.

Believing in God, and giving your life to him, is not an easy task. If you do so, it will change your entire life! Are you ready to have faith?

Forsaking - All - I - Trust – Him

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