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Memorial of Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, Virgin

In the summer of 2006, I was presented the opportunity of a lifetime. My dream of being a college professor was on the cusp of coming true. After completing my Master's degree in Technology in Education, my alma mater was extending an invitation to train as an adjunct. I could not believe this was actually happening! I quickly responded yes and signed up for the upcoming weekend training program. During that training, it was made clear, without being explicitly stated, if you were called to teach and turned them down, the odds of being called again would be reduced significantly. I was not worried about that because I could not imagine any reason on this earth that would keep me from accepting this dream assignment.

Fast forward a few months. With still no word from the school and believing it would probably be the fall before I heard anything, I went ahead and planned my first women’s bible study group at my church. Mountains truly moved for me to be allowed to bring this program to our parish, and I was incredibly excited to bring my newly acquired love of scripture to others. I set the date, made the flyers, put in the bulletin announcement, and began preparations. Then came the call to teach. My elation quickly turned to dismay as I realized the dates of the study and the course would conflict. Remembering what had been shared during the training, I spent two days agonizing over what to do. Finally unable to decide, I went to my knees and asked for God to guide me to His Will.

The bible study launched with over 20 women just a few weeks later, and I was indeed never called to teach again. What seemed, at the time, as a death of dream was actually the beginning of an even better dream that I had yet to dream for myself.


“Whoever seeks to preserve his life will lose it, but whoever loses it will save it.” How many dreams for our life have we fought to preserve, never realizing the blessing God for us had we been willing to surrender to His plan for our life. What are your dreams? Have you asked God lately if these are the same ones He has for you? When was the last time you sought for God to reveal His Will for you?


Thy Will be done. So easy to pray but not so easy to always mean or accept. Lord God, today I pray for the courage, strength, and grace to seek your will in all things. I know through the Psalms that you delight in giving me the desires of my heart, and I know through experience that I don't always clearly know what those desires are. Let me never miss on the life you have for me by trying to preserve the life I want for me.

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