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This week on’s CM Hangout Podcast, co-hosts Erika Marie and Gina Felter welcome our guest and contributor Tiffany Walsh. Tiffany shares ideas for simple Advent activities for families while balancing that with Wellness for Moms during this busy season. If Advent overwhelms you or if you ever feel like you're not doing enough with your family, you'll love hearing this Hangout!


Tiffany is a wife and mother to two precious children, a native Western New Yorker, and an academic librarian. She is a cradle Catholic who rekindled her childhood faith as a graduate student in New York City via her love of books and discovery of daily Mass. She enjoys using humor in her writing, and blogs about faith, books, and everything in-between over at Connect with Tiffany online through Twitter and Instagram.

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Sarah sponsored the show today in honor of Mary and her book, Word by Word: Slowing Down with the Hail MaryWord by Word is now available from Ave Maria Press (and from your local Catholic bookstore or online at your favorite book retailer). In it, Sarah Reinhard has gathered 40 different voices to take a look at why every word — from the “Hail” right down to every single “The” — is a critical part of this prayer. So often, we all tend to whip through the Hail Mary and rattle it off without really considering what we’re praying and saying. This book is sure to make you reconsider the prayer and, hopefully, draw you closer to the Blessed Mother and, through her, to Jesus. Be sure to check the show notes and order your copy today!

You can read more about Sarah and her book here and check out what others are saying about it! Thank you again, Sarah, for your support for and the CM Hangout.

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