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Today's Gospel: Luke 10:21-24

Advent is a time in the liturgical year when we are called to wait in joyful expectation for the coming of Christ. In this beautiful gospel passage from Luke, we hear that it is Jesus who joyfully offers praise to the Father for revealing the truth of life not to the wise and learned but to the childlike, those who are dependent upon God for all of their needs. As a Christian parent, we know that our children are dependent upon us for food, clothing, and shelter, and we rejoice in fulfilling their needs. Consider how much joy we will give to the Father if we turn our lives over to him. As we prepare our hearts and homes to welcome the Christ Child at Christmas, may we renew our commitment to seek Jesus each and every day of our life.


In what ways could your spiritual life be considered “childlike”? Reflect on the ways that you can cultivate a deeper relationship with God throughout these days of Advent.


Lord of heaven and earth:
The Incarnation of your son, Jesus,
brought joy to a people longing to see your face.
In this holy season of Advent, may we readily turn our hearts
away from sin and faithfully follow your son, Jesus Christ,
who lives with you and the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever. Amen.

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