SYPA-DThe popular Nashville singer and mother of nine children, Marie Bellet, has just released a unique new musical and spiritual recording of beloved Catholic prayers with lovely, easy to learn melodies. In this new album, Sing Your Prayers, available from Ignatius Press, Marie is accompanied by her son Luke Bellet, who plays the acoustic guitar as she sings these beautiful songs.

Turn down the noise and lift up your heart! On the way to work, driving the kids to school, or anywhere, these sung prayers are a simple, beautiful way to learn traditional prayers. Listen, sing along and let them echo throughout your day. Sixteen well-known prayers include The Morning Offering, Angel of God, Hail Mary, Our Father, St. Michael the Archangel, Memorare, Apostles’ Creed, Come Holy Spirit, and eight more.

“Listening to Sing Your Prayers is such an easy way to focus the day and learn the prayers! When I drive the kids in the morning, it calms us all down.  Without even trying, they know the words and I have conveyed an important building block of Catholic culture,” says Sarah Scherrer, mother of six.

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Marie Bellet HeadshotAbout the Artist:  A lone voice calling for a return to family in the midst of a materialist world, Marie Bellet writes authentic Americana songs that take the listener away from the distractions and conventions of pop culture and focus upon the importance of sacrificial love. Marie writes her own songs about the everyday joys and struggles of family life as a mother of nine children. She has released several albums, including What I Wanted to Say (1997),Ordinary Time (2000), Lighten Up (2003), A New Springtime (2006), Everything Changes (2010) and Sing Your Prayers (2015).