Marie Bellet releases fifth CD – ‘Everything Changes’

Called the ‘Queen of Catholic Pop’ and a ‘Renaissance woman’ for her music

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan 6, 2012 – After nine children, an undergraduate degree from Swarthmore and an MBA from Vanderbilt, what’s a mother to do? For Elm Street Records recording artist Marie Bellet, the answer involved returning to the studio with a new batch of original songs.

Her fifth CD, Everything Changes, captures in 14 tracks the role that Faith plays in the joys, sorrows and challenges of marriage and motherhood. It is available now from Ignatius Press. Her other albums include What I Wanted to Say (1997), Ordinary Time (2000), Lighten Up (2003) and A New Springtime (2006). All of Bellet’s CDs are available from Ignatius Press.

“The songs on this album reflect my experiences of the past five years – sending my first three sons off to college, starting over with a brand new baby boy and discovering that we do not really have that much control over how things turn out,” Bellet said. “I found that I kept saying to myself, ‘Whenever I think that I know what I am doing, everything changes!’”

Everything Changes by Marie BelletEverything Changes includes songs that relate to all different phases of motherhood. Those familiar with Bellet’s earlier work will see this collection as a progression into a new understanding of what love requires of people. They will not, however, hear divergence from the foundation of her music.

“All I have to do is show up with my kids at the grocery store,” she said. “That is where the culture war is fought, surrounded by glossy magazines that promise happiness if you shed pounds and obligations. My songs offer a different vision of what it means to be a fulfilled woman.”