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On December 8, 2015 our Catholic Church began a Jubilee Year of Mercy called for by Pope Francis. While I was praying through the Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary I felt called to start a website for the Year of Mercy. I have titled this site "Mercy Overflows," because I believe that God’s mercy overflows on all of us every day. But we are often too busy or preoccupied to notice or maybe we see it as good luck or pay back for some past good deed.

I choose to believe it is mercy, all mercy which is given to us by a Father who loves us. Tied in with his mercy is grace. All around us is his grace and mercy and that is what the Mercy Overflows site will share with you.

I would like your help to bring this site to fruition by sharing your stories of God’s grace and mercy on the blog. If you have a story about where you have known God’s mercy and grace, send it to me and I’ll post it. Maybe you have a favorite song or poem or scripture verse; whatever it is that reminds you of his mercy, let’s show the world that truly Mercy Overflows!

If you'd like to participate, here is all the information you need.