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50 Million Names is a grassroots campaign to give names to each of the more than 50 million children who were never given the chance at life due to the legalization of abortion in the United States after the Roe v. Wade court decision.

Naming these children helps heal the wounds of family members, abortionists, and of our nation. Honoring them acknowledges the reality of their short lives, and connects Namers to their prayer intentions – for their mothers, fathers, siblings and family members, and for the abortionists and witnesses who are now intimately connected with these babies.

To name a baby, you simply open a free user account at the website by creating a username and entering your email address. You'll receive an introductory password by return email and be prompted to change this password upon your first login. Users are assured that their email addresses will never be sold and that they will receive only one email update per month.

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Learn more about how and why you can name a baby at the site's FAQ.

Wondering what 50 Millions Names hopes to achieve? The FAQ describes the site's primary goal:

The primary purpose is to bring on a tidal wave of prayer for the relatives and abortionists of these children, because we imagine that is the primary intention of the children themselves. Mother Teresa said that we would not end abortion until we identified with the victim, and here, we do that – going beyond the victim’s pain, and the sorrow to identify with the victim’s current joy in standing before the throne of God, and his earnest desire that everyone connected to him be blessed.

My favorite feature of this website is the section titled Ways to Honor a Baby. Here you'll find family-friendly suggestions of things to do, ranging from works of mercy (minister at a soup kitchen for one day in the child's honor) to prayer ideas (pray a Rosary or novena for the child) and activities children or families can do (help my brother clean his room) and simple sacrifices (give up my pillow for one night.) This list offers many opportunities for families to find ways to honor the victims of abortion through prayer, giving and sacrifice.

Also useful is the Resources section (found under the "How to Help" tab) which offers printable bookmarks, posters and greeting cards as well as memes to use online--all free, and all designed to promote reverence for human life.

Naming a child is just the start. This site, created by Catholic author Charlotte Ostermann, is designed to raise awareness, to partner with other prolife efforts already in place, and to wrap the victims of abortion in a mantle of prayer.


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