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This week on’s CM Hangout Podcast, co-hosts Erika Marie and Allison Gingras  welcome our guest and contributor Sherry Antonetti.

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Today, Sherry shared about the struggle to find holiness when you feel bogged down in the minutia of motherhood. We have a desire to be epic in action, when motherhood is epic in scope. Sherry also touched on the importance of giving our children the gift of our undivided attention and how NOT to multi-task when it comes to raising children.

"Presence is the number one thing, and it's hard to be present when you subdivide your attention. It's the great temptation of the age."

Sherry Antonetti is a Catholic columnist for, freelance writer, and blogger. At her own blog “Chocolate For Your Brain!,” she writes humorous semi-accurate accounts of raising ten children. Sherry is the author of her first novel, The Book of Helen published by Museitup Publishers. 

You can contact Sherry online:

  • Email her sherryantonettiwrites at yahoo dot com
  • Twitter, Facebook, Blog
  • Sherry also hosts the weekly Small Success Thursdays, feel free to join her and share your small successess!

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Thank you to our sponsor today, Sarah Reinhard!

Sarah sponsored the show today in honor of Mary and her book, Word by Word: Slowing Down with the Hail MaryWord by Word is now available from Ave Maria Press (and from your local Catholic bookstore or online at your favorite book retailer). In it, Sarah Reinhard has gathered 40 different voices to take a look at why every word — from the “Hail” right down to every single “The” — is a critical part of this prayer. So often, we all tend to whip through the Hail Mary and rattle it off without really considering what we’re praying and saying. This book is sure to make you reconsider the prayer and, hopefully, draw you closer to the Blessed Mother and, through her, to Jesus. Be sure to check the show notes and order your copy today!

You can read more about Sarah and her book here and check out what others are saying about it! Thank you again, Sarah, for your support for and the CM Hangout.

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Mentioned this week:

  • Pair your prayer life with your daily tasks.
  • Offer an intention for someone with each Hail Mary as a sort of "Spiritual Abacus".
  • Give your children attention by pausing what you're doing and looking at them in the eye while they speak.

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