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Today's Gospel: Mark 4:21-25 - St. Thomas Aquinas

When I entered religious life the words, “The measure with which you measure will be measure out to you,” became my inspiration. Of all scripture passages why this one? Even I wondered about that for a while. My measurement for cooking, though not exact, was to add lots of the good stuff. Recipes were an adventure in taste, smell, and presentation. Reveling in the joy others experienced through a good meal I began to live this gospel quote so that every new task I encountered was measured with gourmet generosity. I had one real measure to follow. That measure was the incomparable love God bestowed in Christ. Today’s saint lived this gospel by allowing the light flowing from his intellectual gifts to be placed on a lamp stand. We are all called to manifest the glory of God in our human thoughts, words, and actions.


Through Baptism, confirmation, and Eucharist we are members of the body of Jesus, “the radiance of God's glory and the exact representation of his being” (Hebrews 1:3). How might we live our vocation to be transparent witnesses of God’s brilliance?


God of glory you are my measure of love. Let your light and love shine through me today. Allow the lamp of my life, lit by you, to enlighten dark places with your Word.


Copyright 2016 Sr. Margaret Kerry, F.S.P.

Sr. Margaret said yes to God's free gift of religious life forty years ago. As a Daughter of St. Paul she is found on the internet and in the real world placing the Word of God on lamp-stands. Completing her Masters in Pastoral Theology, she still attends the school of the Divine Master in Word and Eucharist.