As Lent approaches this year I am feeling more unprepared than usual. I am prepared in the sense that I have lots to work on, and offer up but don't know how to go about it effectively.

Even in typing these words, that sounds like a total contradiction. My list of sins and faults is endless, but I am not feeling very motivated to put a plan in place. Where do I begin?

Don't get me wrong, I am sorry for my faults, especially my tongue; that gets me in all kinds of trouble. But I guess, I don't want to do what seems to happen often at Lent for me.

What is that? you ask. Well, it's the road I seem to always travel. I pray about things I want to change and know I should change but then something happens when Lent is over. Sometime after  Easter, or even before the Easter season has ended, I am back dealing with the same things all over again, basically where I started.

What I would love to do is maintain these changes long-term, not just fix them temporarily .  There are so many things I could make better in all aspects of my life. The question is: how  do I achieve long-term changes and where do I begin? So, this Lent I begin my journey very unprepared.

Will I ever be the saint God wants me to be?

How about you? What are you  doing for Lent? Are you prepared?

Copyright 2016 Elizabeth Desiderato