Washington, D.C.: American Life League’s Culture of Life Studies Program is pleased to announce the release of an edition of Life Is Precious edited specifically for school and classroom use. The Life Is Precious School Edition teaches children in kindergarten through 2nd grade about the dignity of all human beings. Using picture books and fun crafts, Life Is Precious School Edition teaches fetal development, the uniqueness of each individual, how we should all stand up for others, and how to defend pro-life principles.

Throughout this 4-week unit study, children read picture books like Tomie dePaola’s The Baby Sister and Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who! and learn about the pro-life themes in these books through discussion, crafts, and games. The highlight of the unit study is the project on fetal development in which students create a flipbook with true-to-size images of preborn babies in various stages of growth.

Judie Brown, president of American Life League, the nation’s oldest pro-life, grassroots organization, praised Life Is Precious School Edition:

Life Is Precious is but one of the vitally important resources for educating the next generation of pro-life Americans. Changing the culture requires an understanding of what is at stake. To understand this is to know that the American Life League Culture of Life Studies Program is the key to turning the tide and converting a culture in dire need of the ability to celebrate the life of every human being from creation to death. LIFE IS PRECIOUS and this program is a step toward building a culture of life.

Developer Mary Kizior echoes these very same sentiments when she says: "People are the world’s most precious resource. If we can teach children about why human beings at all stages are sacred, we can begin to build a culture of life which protects and defends everyone, from creation until death.


Mary Kizior is a content developer for American Life League’s Culture of Life Studies Program, which stresses the culture of life as an integral part of every academic discipline. CLSP is dedicated to building a culture of life and helping students become effective communicators of the pro-life message.

Additional information about the Life Is Precious School Edition and the Culture of Life Studies Program may be found here.

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