Treasure box designed by Judith Costello Treasure box designed by Judith Costello. All rights reserved.

Kids love the idea of buried treasure. When my son was little, I would hide a pretty gold box somewhere in our barnyard and then make a treasure map for how he and his friends could find it! The search was the best part of his parties every year; while the candies and little toys in the box were not as exciting. I wish I had kept all those maps…it was a big hit and the idea of treasure hunting has remained with me.

So when I started teaching catechism, I realized that I wanted to help kids recognize where to go to seek “real treasure.” Lately, I have been having my students create beautiful-looking boxes and put inside them images of Jesus and Mary along with written prayers.

The real treasure, of course, is eternal life with the very source of all Goodness, Joy, Beauty and Love. What could be more amazing than of be in God’s presence forever? Nothing we do on earth is worth sacrificing that eternal reward.

Jesus knew this and told his disciples about real treasure, (Matthew 6:19-21). He said we should store up in Heaven what will last. What we “store up” are the gifts of Grace. And Grace comes to us in the sacraments and in our faithful attention to Jesus…when we follow the path he showed us, we are following the true “treasure map.”

Here are photos of my latest treasure boxes. I now put in them my “Heaven Rocks.” These are glass beads in which my painting of Jesus appears to be suspended!

20160221_204452_resized Copyright 2016 Judith Costello. All rights reserved.

We need to teach our children to seek this Real Treasure and to follow the Jesus map!


Copyright 2016 Judith Costello