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“In the mystery of the Resurrection lies the summit and the highest intensity of our Christian self-awareness, and therefore that of my new awareness of myself of the way in which I look at all people and all things,” writes Msgr. Luigi Giussani.

The power of the Resurrection gives us a new awareness of who we are in the Lord. That power transforms how we see ourselves and how we see others through the intense lens of Christ’s Resurrection.

Perhaps we instinctively relate to new people and new ideas with a suspicious personal defense of, “What is this person trying to get from me? How are they using me for their own agenda, for their personal gain or glory?”

The power of the Resurrection turns this around and the Holy Spirit opens us to ask instead, “What gift does this person have for me? Not for my agenda or personal glory, but in revealing a new dimension of the body of Christ they personify. What different facet of the mirrored globe of millions of unique reflections of Christ do they reveal to me? Or what does Christ reveal to me of himself, his love, his divine nature that further connects me to him, to this person and to the body of Christ?

I bring a reflection of Christ to others when I am open, surrendered, willing to humanize his presence to others. My surrendered spirit allows him to use me to nourish others with his loving presence.

That same Spirit of his love heals my defensive paranoia that colors my approach to others with a different background, outlook, culture, generation, life experience or role in life than mine.

But surely we are not holy enough to shine forth the love of God! When we step out of his way, it’s really the power and holiness of God that shines. It is always more than enough!

When our lives are surrendered to him, his love overflows our hearts and spills over even when we are unaware of our impression on others. People around us are attracted to the slightest hint of the Lord in our holiness amidst our myriad of weaknesses because they can relate to our imperfections as well as our humility.

Our confidence is in the Lord and his ability to work through us. He is the way, the truth and the life—that’s the connection that we can help activate in others and find strengthened in ourselves.

We can bring little droplets of God’s grace into the lives of a new acquaintance or a long-troubling relationship with a smile, a listening ear, an unexpected word of encouragement. The reflection of the Lord in us opens the hearts of those not yet ready for a watershed of evangelism. With the Holy Spirit we can equip others for fuller streams of graces flowing their way from other sources.

Are you willing to see someone through the intense lens of the Resurrection and discover a reflection of the Lord there?

Originally posted April 18, 2013. Copyright Nancy Ward.

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