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In this DVD by Paraclete Press, Kids and Prayer, Br. Mickey McGrath takes kids into an easy and fun journey to learn more about prayer in this well-made video for kids. It features a variety of kids’ answers to different questions about prayer, highlights ways we can look at prayer in our lives, and connects it to one or more Bible stories about prayer (like Moses and the burning bush and Jesus talking about the vine and branches).

I have three young children (ages 1, 3, and 6) and after watching this DVD, the first response of my 6-year old son was, “Mommy, can you put it on again?” I think that accurately summarizes how my children enjoyed this video!

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They were quite taken with the kids talking about prayer, they enjoyed the section about Jesus as the vine and we are the branches and how we need to be connected to grow; and they got a kick out of the talk about praying anywhere and anytime: my 3 year-old proclaimed to me that she really likes praying at our tree in our yard, so new things about my children were revealed to me in the discussion afterwards! This DVD was such a great kick-off for conversations about prayer in our family.

As a mom I really appreciate all the help I can get with bringing faith conversations to table and it gave me great fodder for talking about prayer in our own lives at home, which happened primarily because my kids loved it so much. The DVD is fun and engaging, and I enjoyed sitting with my kids and learning along with them. Both my older two kids kept wanting to watch it over and over again! While I was writing this review my son saw the picture on this post and asked if we were watching it again, anticipating that I was getting it ready for them.

I also found it very helpful to have the show broken up into 4 increments – it made it easier for my kids to remember the parts it talked about and gave me a chance to jump in, asking them about what they learned from it.

Having studied and worked in youth ministry, I can also say that this is would be a helpful video for faith opportunities in the parish or classroom setting as well.

Great discussion starter and a good way to challenge new prayer practices!

This Kids and Prayer DVD is a sure hit for families (it was in ours!) and I highly recommend it, especially if you want easy ways to kick-start discussion on prayer in your children's lives and your own! This DVD is available for purchase from Paraclete Press and on

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